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Health Careers Program Initiative:

The Interlink Alliance Health Careers Program Proposal

Background Information onĀ  The Interlink Alliance

The Interlink Alliance, originally named the Ohio University and Historically Black Colleges and Universities Consortium (OUHBCU), is rooted in its longstanding commitment to the education of African American students. Its goal is to establish mutually beneficial initiatives to promote access to higher education for all students of African American descent.

The establishment of The Interlink Alliance is to develop and promote faculty and student development, leadership development, research collaboration, faculty and student exchanges, as well as an African American male Initiative. Other goals of The Interlink Alliance include student pipeline issues, new teaching strategies, improve infrastructure and raise awareness of issues affecting higher education. The Consortium's success is critical to the African American academic communities and requires full buy-in and collaboration among the Consortium's partners.

Articulation Agreements

To demonstrate our collective commitment to prepare our students with the relevant skills necessary to successfully compete in today's global society, Ohio University, Central State University, Hampton University, Johnson C. Smith University, Morgan State University, North Carolina Central University, South Carolina State University, Spelman College, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia State University, and Wilberforce University unite to form the Ohio University and Historically Black Colleges and Universities Consortium. The establishment of this consortium between Ohio University and HBCUs expands our abilities to provide greater access to educational opportunities for our students.

By uniting the rich heritages of our respective institutions, we are committed to working together to achieve greater access and opportunity to higher education and will work collaboratively to that end. We believe that the establishment of this consortium will serve to further support our institutions' thriving legacies as leaders in higher education.

Duration of Agreement

This agreement is in effect immediately and will remain in effect until such time as program changes in the participating colleges and universities require that this consortium be rearticulated. Ohio University and the participating HBCUs agree to review this document annually or with the publication of each college catalog. In addition, each institution agrees to maintain an open line of communication and to inform the consortium members of program changes that may affect this agreement.

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