Promotion of Programs

Through the sharing of our resources, our institutions agree to promote the following programs and initiatives:

  • Faculty Development:   We will work together to retain faculty in critical academic areas and develop vital courses through faculty development conferences and symposiums. We will also create opportunities for junior faculty members that do not have a PhD to pursue doctoral studies, conduct research and foster mentoring networks with senior faculty.

  • Leadership Development:   This consortium will pursue opportunities and programs that will foster the development of leadership in all facets of the university and the cultivation of future leaders.

  • Faculty and Student Exchanges:   We will provide opportunities for student and faculty exchanges at member institutions.

  • Research Collaboration:   We will explore undergraduate research opportunities and bring researchers together to focus on particular areas such as health and nutrition, health disparities, economic development, international affairs and education. Collaborations also could include, but are not limited to, research advancements in the areas of cancer and biomedical research.

  • Initiative for African American Males:   We will explore ways to address pipeline issues for African American males to pursue a college education through the establishment of partnerships with K-12. This consortium also will focus on middle school projects that support access to a higher education for African American students.

  • New Teaching Strategies:   We will explore the use of technology, specifically new technologies, to develop new teaching strategies and on-line courses.

  • Public Awareness of Major Initiatives:   We will use the collective voice of the consortium to raise awareness of issues affecting higher education.

  • Infrastructure:   We will collaborate on ways to improve our infrastructures (i.e., business services, information technology and facilities). We will share information on the best practices in these and other infrastructure areas.

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